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Government, philanthropic and corporate grants: three different paths to grant application success
All levels of government give out grants, as do many philanthropic foundations and some corporations. > Read more

Casting the grants net wide - Infographic
Many groups are unaware of the range of grants they could be searching and applying for. They tend to narrow the options rather than widen them. This help sheet will help your group 'cast its net wide' to access more grant funding. > Read more

Grantseeking Basics
The basics of grantseeking: types of grants; how to start; where to look > Read more

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Strategies for Sustainable Funding Seminar
Build sustainability beyond grant funding
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Introduction to Writing Winning Grant Applications
How to win the MOST GRANTS EVER
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  • Saying Thanks, (and Keeping Them Giving)

    As the end of the year draws near, it might be timely to think about ways you can thank donors for ...

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  • Tips to Help Online Donors Complete Donations

    p A couple of years ago, a UK study found almost half of those who start an online donation fail to ...

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  • Coming Event: Crowdfunding Masterclass

    Bookings are now open for the Pozible/Our Community Crowdfunding Masterclass to be staged in Sydney...

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  • Avoiding the Bin

    Given the time and effort it takes to compile a grant application, it remains extraordinary the she...

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