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Attracting a major donor is no easy task, but it’s definitely a profitable one. Learning where to find and how to approach a major donor are the two most important pieces of the puzzle.
All good things must come to an end. Make sure you end your partnership at the right time and be sure to celebrate your achievements.
A checklist for organisations to consult when planning to engage in a successful sponsorship program.
If you can confidently articulate a problem, and can demonstrate that it is fixable with adequate financial support, then you shouldn’t be lacking any confidence. You are ready for a grant.
Many grantmakers allow or even encourage you to stipulate how much volunteer labour your organisation will be contributing to a project that is the subject of a grant application. Here's how to value it.
What you need to do before you launch a wills/bequests program
Many small and medium-sized businesses are happy to develop partnerships with smaller not-for-profit groups. A local partnership could lead to a more successful or more engaged arrangement.
Enjoy 30% OFF a bundle of three essential titles for school administrators and supporters
Enjoy 30% OFF a bundle of six of our best selling titles
Everything you need to fire up your fundraising campaigns, inject new ideas in to your funding drives, win grants and deliver excellent events.
All schools stand to benefit from this highly valuable source of support and funds
Unique fundraising ideas can help keep your donors engaged and excited about your mission. In this case study, the Funding Centre profiles the Hundred Hole Hike, an annual event that sees a group of amateur golfers play 100 holes of golf in one day.
Our Community's thinker-in-residence, Chris Borthwick, casts a close eye over the financial troubles that threaten to sink the much-loved Castlemaine gallery in regional Victoria, and its chair, Jan Savage, tells editor Matthew Schulz how the board has responded to the challenge.
Many groups are unaware of the range of grants they could be searching and applying for. They tend to narrow the options rather than widen them. This help sheet will help your group 'cast its net wide' to access more grant funding.
Unique community–business partnerships need unique partnership models. There are a number of models to choose from, so pick one that can be tailored to your needs.
A shortlist of where to purchase collection tins for your organisation
Everything you need to know about building a sustainable fundraising base for your not-for-profit organisation
Donations, grants, community-business partnerships, alumni, special events, and earned income for your school
Crowdraising is a great way to get funding for a specific project. It takes energy and creativity, but it can bring in much-needed funding and attract a whole new audience of supporters.
To make your P2P crowdfunder a success, there are a few simple formulas you can follow to help you plan.
You can fundraise in a haphazard kind of way, but you'll get much better results if you have a plan
Getting DGR status can be a hard slog - here's an overview of what's involved
Using existing Easter traditions to make your fundraiser unique to this time of the year will create a buzz that brings the community together, while creating interest in and generating income for your group.
Questions to ask yourself before creating a membership scheme
Showing 1-25 of 105 <>