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Enjoy 30% OFF a bundle of six essential titles for school administrators and supporters
Enjoy 30% OFF a bundle of six of our best selling titles
Everything you need to fire up your fundraising campaigns, inject new ideas in to your funding drives, win grants and deliver excellent events.
Everything you need to know about building a sustainable fundraising base for your not-for-profit organisation
Donations, grants, community-business partnerships, alumni, special events, and earned income for your school
Designed to guide you through the process of running a special event, step by step.
Includes a fantastic set of templates on an included CD-ROM
A guide to help schools and community and not-for-profit groups come up with innovative ideas to raise money
Whoopee! Your grant application has been successful! The project's funded and you can sit back and relax, right? Wrong! Here's what comes next.
How to get money, resources and skills from Australian businesses
This practical, step-by-step guide will take you through the grantseeking process, assisting you to prepare and research a winning funding application
Unique fundraising ideas can help keep your donors engaged and excited about your mission. In this case study, the Funding Centre profiles the Hundred Hole Hike, an annual event that sees a group of amateur golfers play 100 holes of golf in one day.
Diversity of funding sources is crucial for sustainability. We've identified seven possible income streams, or funding pillars, and we believe you should try for as many of them as possible. But there's an eighth pillar, if you're both lucky and patient, and that's cash reserves.
If you're a community group in financial trouble, you have to make a choice about publicity.
Our Community's thinker-in-residence, Chris Borthwick, casts a close eye over the financial troubles that threaten to sink the much-loved Castlemaine gallery in regional Victoria, and its chair, Jan Savage, tells editor Matthew Schulz how the board has responded to the challenge.
Twelve steps to making a successful request for a donation
Not sure where to start when forming a partnership? These 50 tips will help you get going.
A checklist for organisations to consult when planning to engage in a successful sponsorship program.
A shortlist of where to purchase collection tins for your organisation
Knowing how to assess an organisation's finances is something that many people without accounting degrees struggle with.
Here's what you need in place before you start fundraising
If you can confidently articulate a problem, and can demonstrate that it is fixable with adequate financial support, then you shouldn’t be lacking any confidence. You are ready for a grant.
Before your group jumps head-first into the world of fundraising, it will need to prepare itself to receive donations. Sticking money under the mattress just won’t do. Your group will need a system in place for receiving donations of both money and goods.
A membership scheme isn’t a quick fix for any group. Your scheme may take a number of years to break even, let alone make a profit. It should therefore be seen as a long-term investment. As such, your forecasts, plans and budgets should be projected over at least three years.
When a trend takes off on social media, it typically spread like wildfire and provides not-for-profit organisations an opportunity to put their own spin on it to further their work.
Showing 1-25 of 120 <>