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Before you launch your project upon the world, think it through, from how you’ll tell your story, to how you’ll persuade people to support you. And note: video is non-negotiable.
Putting together a partnership agreement may seem like a lot of work, particularly for a small-scale partnership. But drafting your partnership agreement now, just in case, could save you time, trouble and heartache down the track.
A partnership, like a car, needs a service once in a while to make sure it is running well and providing the best results for all involved.
What you need to do before you launch a wills/bequests program
Campaign time is make-or-break time for a crowdfunding project, and every hour counts as you approach your target. Build your networks, use pictures, get creative, and befriend your local media.
You need to know about the etiquette and the legal ins and outs of crowdraising. They’re not complicated, but do read the terms and conditions.
You need to be able to track every dollar and record every decision
This tool will help you build a customised checklist for your own fundraising event
It's tempting for community groups to rely on just one or two fundraising methods to bring in all or most of their funds but ensuring that you obtain funds from several sources means that you reduce the damage done if one of these sources falls though or dries up.
Our top 10 tips for not-for-profits seeking a sponsorship deal with a business
For your grant application to stand out among the hundreds of applications a grantmaker receives, it needs to be nothing less than outstanding. Tick every box in this checklist, and you'll be one step closer to success
FRRR has teamed up with Our Community to host three webinars specifically designed to help rural, regional and remote community groups to access more funding.
Media coverage can help your group greatly increase its chances of fundraising success by increasing public knowledge of who you are and what you do and encouraging donations.
Fetes can be the perfect fundraising event for your school. However, they require commitment, time and planning to bring them to fruition.
Winter may not seem like the best time for a fundraiser, but the weather should not limit a school's ability to raise funds.
These tips will help you stem a membership decline or give your numbers a boost
Treating men and women equally does not necessarily result in equal outcomes. In order to be fair, your organisation must be prepared to treat men and women differently; to remove barriers and to encourage inclusion. You can start this process by applying a “gender lens” to your activities.
All good things must come to an end. Make sure you end your partnership at the right time and be sure to celebrate your achievements.
Many grantmakers allow or even encourage you to stipulate how much volunteer labour your organisation will be contributing to a project that is the subject of a grant application. Here's how to value it.
All schools stand to benefit from this highly valuable source of support and funds
There are multiple ways you can cash in on election day. We’ve come up with a list of 15 tips to ensure your fundraiser goes off without a hitch.
To make your P2P crowdfunder a success, there are a few simple formulas you can follow to help you plan.
You can fundraise in a haphazard kind of way, but you'll get much better results if you have a plan
Using existing Easter traditions to make your fundraiser unique to this time of the year will create a buzz that brings the community together, while creating interest in and generating income for your group.
So you’ve decided to establish a membership scheme, or you want to boost your membership numbers, but you’re not sure where to start? The tips below will help get you started.
Showing 26-50 of 114 <>