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Many not-for-profit organisations aren't fully aware of this country's fundraising laws, partly because those laws differ from one jurisdiction to the next.
Using existing Easter traditions to make your fundraiser unique to this time of the year will create a buzz that brings the community together, while creating interest in and generating income for your group.
So you’ve decided to establish a membership scheme, or you want to boost your membership numbers, but you’re not sure where to start? The tips below will help get you started.
Sponsorships are like a marriage - it's all about give and take
Crowdfunding isn’t over until you’ve delivered the rewards to your supporters and updated them – again – on the progress of your project. Meanwhile, your relationship with your strongest backers just keeps on growing.
Establishing an overseas aid fund is an uncertain journey. It can be expensive and it can take years. Making donations to or partnering with an existing organisation may be an easier option.
Legislation and regulations surrounding fundraising, food handling, gambling and the sale of alcohol
Many not-for-profit groups struggle to match their income with their expectations. This might be due to over-expectations, but, in most cases, it will be because of the fundraising mistakes they are making.
Social media is generally underutilised in fundraising, but there can be great value in using it to support your campaign.
You're a mission-focused organisation, and your mission is long term. Your funding and your funding strategy should focus on the long term as well. The long term has to cover good times and bad times. You have to be able to survive both droughts and floods.
Before you start asking anyone to fundraise for you, make sure you think about what group they’re a part of, whether they should be approached online, by phone, or in person, and what will motivate them to fundraise for you.
The success of a peer-to-peer fundraiser relies heavily on the ability of your Crowdraisers to ask their friends and family for money. A lot of people are new to fundraising, or are unsure of how to ask for money in a way that’s appropriate, so you’ll need to provide them with sufficient support to achieve their fundraising goals.
Are you sick of pesky people who want to support your cause by joining up? Tired of banking membership fees? Had enough of newbies' enthusiasm and goodwill? Here's how to lose 'em all!
It’s important to maintain momentum in a crowdfunding campaign. If your supporters need a boost, there are some simple ways to help them out.
The end of financial year is an ideal occasion for fundraising.
Keeping the members you’ve already got is a lot easier than finding new ones. A well-maintained database, good communication, and a simple renewal process will help ensure you don’t lose contact with the members you worked so hard to recruit.
After your crowdfunder is over, everyone who helped fundraise should be thanked for their contributions to your cause.
Quality statistics can take your grant application to the next level.
Australia's devastating bushfires have led to an outpouring of generosity from across the globe. Though the emergency is far from over, not-for-profits need to think carefully about how they'll respond in the medium term as well as how they're responding now to extreme circumstances.
Mother’s Day – the second Sunday in May, in Australia – is an ideal occasion for fundraising, particularly for women’s causes such as breast cancer or women’s shelters.
Obtaining a grant is the start of a whole process of accountability. The accountability process is based on a contract that spells out everything that needs to be done to ensure the success of the project or program for which your organisation has obtained a grant.
Put in the time now to plan your event properly
Sponsorships can be a hugely rewarding aspect of an organisation's fundraising, but it is not something to be rushed into. You will need to do your homework first.
There's good money to be made by converting your members and supporters into "buyers"
If you’re not sure whether or not you should be running a crowdfunding campaign, there are some reasons why it might be a good idea to try it out.
Showing 51-75 of 120 <>