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What’s in this election-year Federal Budget for your organisation?

On your bike … Alex Ellinghausen from the Sydney Morning Herald snapped this image on budget day. Source: Twitter.

We’ve trawled through the budget papers to discover grants news that could affect you.

With a May election expected to be called any day, many believe the 2019 Federal Budget is a budget of election promises and pork-barreling.

This week, the Morrison Government received criticism for announcing an $850 million boost to NDIS providers the weekend before the budget was released amid reports that surplus NDIS funds are being used to boost the budget.

$158 billion in tax cuts for low and middle-income earners has also come under fire for ignoring those who need it most.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie said in response to the Budget that “none of the tax cuts benefit people on the lowest incomes, as one third of households, including low-paid workers, pensioners and people looking for paid work, do not have enough income to pay tax.”

ACOSS also slammed the Government’s refusal to make any real increase to the Newstart and Youth Allowance payments, and chief executive of World Vision Australia Claire Rogers labelled the aid budget, which hasn’t increased for its sixth consecutive year “unfair and strategically short-sighted.”

It’s not all bad news, though. Mental health has received a $460 million boost, despite only $5 million of that figure going towards Indigenous suicide prevention initiatives, and $500 million has been allocated for the Royal Commission into Abuse of People with Disability.

The Business Council of Australia has praised tax cuts and infrastructure spending, labelling it a “strong and responsible budget,” and asset write-offs for small businesses and the $525 million skills package including 80,000 new apprenticeships have been warmly welcomed.


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