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We cover the basics, with a checklist to help you launch your project, in our Help Centre.

Also, you need to know about CrowdRaiser™, a social fundraising solution from GiveNow. Get started, here.

Help Centre

OVERVIEW: Crowdfunding basics
Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding for a specific project. It takes energy and creativity, but it can bring in much-needed funding and attract a whole new audience of supporters. > Read more

CHECKLIST: How to set up a crowdfunding project
Before you launch your project upon the world, think it through, from how you’ll tell your story, to how you’ll persuade people to support you. And note: video is non-negotiable. > Read more

HELP SHEET: Ten tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign
To maximise your chances of crowdfunding success, be systematic – but be creative too. > Read more

What's new

Introducing the Funding Centre Dashboard
We've updated the Funding Centre, adding a raft of powerful new features so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Grants in Australia Benchmarker
Our Community and the Innovation Lab have used the results of the Grants in Australia 2018 survey to build an online grants benchmarking tool, now exclusive to Funding Centre users.

Grants in Australia 2018: The secrets of success
Australia's biggest grants study. Who's winning the nation's $80b in grants, and why.