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We cover the basics, with a checklist to help you launch your project, in our Help Centre.

Also, you need to know about CrowdRaiser™, a social fundraising solution from GiveNow. Get started, here.

Help Centre

OVERVIEW: Crowdfunding basics
Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding for a specific project. It takes energy and creativity, but it can bring in much-needed funding and attract a whole new audience of supporters. > Read more

CHECKLIST: How to set up a crowdfunding project
Before you launch your project upon the world, think it through, from how you’ll tell your story, to how you’ll persuade people to support you. And note: video is non-negotiable. > Read more

HELP SHEET: Ten tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign
To maximise your chances of crowdfunding success, be systematic – but be creative too. > Read more

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