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We cover the basics, with a checklist to help you launch your project, in our Help Centre.

Also, you need to know about Crowdraisers, a peer-to-peer fundraising solution from GiveNow. Get started, here.

Help Centre

Crowdraising basics
Crowdraising is a great way to get funding for a specific project. It takes energy and creativity, but it can bring in much-needed funding and attract a whole new audience of supporters. > Read more

How to set up a crowdraising project: Checklist
Before you launch your project upon the world, think it through, from how you’ll tell your story, to how you’ll persuade people to support you. And note: video is non-negotiable. > Read more

Top ten tips for a successful crowdraising campaign
To maximise your chances of crowdraising success, be systematic – but be creative too. > Read more

What's new

50 tips for finding and keeping the right partner
Thinking of partnering up? We've got some tips to help you decide.

Why advocacy is a must for not-for-profits
Community Council for Australia (CCA) chief executive David Crosbie on the important role NFPs and charities play in advocacy.

GetUp's campaign success in 2017
Our Community spoke to GetUp Impact Director, Kelsey Cooke, for the inside track on the organisation's campaigning successes.