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Win Grants webinar

Need to give your fundraising efforts a shot in the arm, but don't know where to start?

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This webinar provides an introduction to the answers to all your grantseeking questions.

Learn the secrets for easily winning more grants for your community organisation or school, and find out how to drastically increase the number of grants you can apply for without pushing yourself (and your group) into an early grave.

You will be taken through a grant process that will allow you to save time and be proactive with grant funding.

This Webinar is great for:

  • Volunteers who want their group to succeed
  • Community group and not-for-profit staff who want their organisation to find a competitive edge
  • Professional fundraisers who'd benefit from a refresher on best-practice tactics

Learn how to:

  • Present your proposals
  • Plan for grants in a practical and easy followed process
  • Develop your statement of need
  • Humanise your story
  • Navigate the grants landscape
  • Make friends and long-term relationships with grantmakers

About your trainer

Patrick Moriarty

Patrick Moriarty

Having delivered training throughout the country to more than 50,000 organisations, Patrick's reputation as a practical and passionate adviser is unparalleled. As a grant assessor and consultant, a junior sports' coach and a long-time community sector board member and volunteer, Patrick brings knowledge from both sides of the fence to his highly practical and engaging presentations.

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Why Webinars work

You'll learn at a time that suits you
You can join us live at 12-noon AEDT on February 23 or you can watch a recording of the Webinar at your own pace

You can ask your burning questions
Our Webinars include a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute interactive Q&A session where you'll call the shots

You don't need an IT degree
There's no complicated software involved. You just need a reliable internet connection to participate. You can also listen to the Webinar, live, with a landline phone connection!

How did recent Webinar attendees score their training?

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