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How to motivate your supporters

THE TAKEAWAY: It’s important to maintain momentum in a crowdfunding campaign. If your supporters need a boost, there are some simple ways to help them out.

Almost any organisation that organises a crowdfunding campaign, or has fundraising supporters, is going to find there are some people who need more help to get their fundraising underway than others.

That doesn’t mean that you should accept it and give up on those people, in fact, you should make the effort to engage. People are unlikely to struggle to fundraise because they don’t have people willing to donate. It’s more likely that they’re feeling unsure about how to get started, or nervous about asking for money. A few simple engagement techniques can quickly get them on track, and excited about fundraising for you.

If your fundraisers struggle to get started

It’s week two of your six week campaign, and some of your fundraisers are still on $0. That’s okay, it’s not too late (even in week six, never say never)! Here are some things you can do to get them started.

If your fundraisers struggle to hit their target

Even the best fundraisers can struggle to hit an ambitious target. That's no reason to give up, though. Every dollar raised is a dollar closer to your target. Here are some things you can do to encourage your supporters to keep going.

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