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The Pozibilities of crowdfunding are Heaps Decent

A collective of passionate local musicians, DJs and producers are working to create social change for disadvantaged young Australians through contemporary music, and crowdfunding.

Heaps Decent is a not-for-profit organisation that helps vulnerable young people from marginalized or disadvantaged communities by giving them a means to tell their stories in their own way.

The organisation is also one of a growing number of not-for-profits that have successfully funded projects through the online crowdfunding platform – and GiveNow partner – Pozible.

“We needed additional funds for a project, and as a not-for-profit we often feel like we've exhausted many avenues for finding funds,” Heaps Decent general manager Nerida Woods told GiveNow. “We felt there were probably a lot of people who would be keen to support the project that we weren't tapping in to.”

Ms Woods said she was inspired by the many “unique and personal approaches to raising funds” on the Pozible website.

“We familiarised ourselves with other projects that were achieving success with their targets, to try and work out what they were doing so right,” she said.

She said that the staff at Pozible guided her through the process of launching and managing the campaign.

“We made a video for the campaign, and kept the story about our project, and our request, simple and clear,” she said. “We wanted people to share the enthusiasm we have for what we do at Heaps Decent – give children and young people the opportunity to be creative and make great music.”

Ms Woods said the campaign was thoroughly planned so that content updates could be sent out almost every day.

“Actually, we did spend quite a lot of time planning the campaign,” she said. “You can't just launch it and leave it! Two of our staff were pretty much working on keeping the momentum going on a daily basis throughout the campaign. A small time spend daily, but it was worth it.”

In just over a month, the organisation exceeded their $10,000 goal and raised $12,838.

They then personally thanked everyone who had pledged money, Ms Woods said.

“Watching the support grow for the project was amazing. There were a few quiet patches but that dynamic seems to be normal. It was just wonderful to find so many new supporters for the work Heaps Decent is doing.”

Pozible has hosted almost 7000 projects and received more than $20 million in pledges to date, including just over $1.5 million raised in the ‘community’ category.

The site uses an “all or nothing” fundraising model where donors pledge an amount of money – usually in exchange for some sort of reward – which is only transferred to the fundraiser if and when the fundraising target is reached within a set timeframe.

The recent partnership between Pozible and GiveNow means that not-for-profits verified by GiveNow can also accept straight charitable donations as part of a Pozible crowdfunding campaign – something not previously possible.

The donation facility through GiveNow was launched during the Heaps Decent Campaign and several donors opted to make a straight donation rather than nominate a reward, Ms Woods said.

“I think for charities and not-for-profits it is a great option and just gives people more choice about how they prefer to support your project or cause,” Ms Woods said.

Not-for-profits with GiveNow accounts do not need to register separately on Pozible and can simply select their organisation’s ABN from the not-for-profit list on the site and follow the prompts to launch a campaign.

GiveNow has collected more than $43 million in donations since it was established more than a decade ago.