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Country Community Groups Offered Access to DGR Status

Memo to rural and regional community groups: if you’re not aware of the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal and what it can do for you, listen up.

First, FRRR operates a number of grants programs aimed at strengthening communities in rural, regional and remote parts of Australia, from Thursday Island off the tip of Cape York, all the way south to Dover in Tasmania and as far west as Carnarvon, WA.

Second, even groups that aren’t FRRR grant recipients can benefit from the foundation by channelling fundraising efforts through a FRRR donation account.

FRRR donation accounts allow eligible groups to receive tax-deductible donations for projects that benefit rural, regional and remote communities.

In effect, FRRR “lends” its deductible gift recipient (DGR) status to eligible organisations that are unable to obtain DGR status in their own right. (This is possible because FRRR holds a special tax status under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. It is specifically listed as a recipient for deductible gifts under section 30-105.)

This can give your organisation access to a range of potential donors who would otherwise be unable to donate to your project. Many trusts, foundations and private auxillary funds can give money only to groups with DGR status. It also makes your organisation more attractive to individuals who wish to donate to your project – they benefit at tax time. Many rural communities have raised substantial funds from local or locally connected individuals for local projects and causes. Your best supporters might be the ones who know you best.

For more information, to check eligibility requirements, and to apply for a donation account, visit