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Introducing the Funding Centre Dashboard

If you haven't considered the Funding Centre in a while... now's the time to do so. We've just upgraded this much-loved service, turning on a raft of powerful new features that users have requested.

While Funding Centre subscribers already benefit from 24/7 access to Australia's best grants database, customised newsletters and alerts and full access to our fundraising know-how, they can now also:

Curate their grants on a personalised dashboard

See all your favourite grants at a glance, apply nicknames to grants so you can find them easily on your dashboard, sort your grants (by name, nickname, program provider, round status, closing date, amount applied for or upcoming tasks) and get visual signals about what’s open and which tasks you have coming up.

Manage their grants processes, tasks and timelines

Apply a status to your grants (e.g. watching, draft, applied, approved, declined), record the amount you've requested and amounts granted, attach tasks to grants and decide which task should appear on your dashboard. A timeline is also created for each grants record, pre-populated with opening, closing and critical dates.

Focus on the things that matter most

A new Funding Centre Insights tool lets you zero in on the tasks that are the most important to you. Through crisp tables and charts, your tasks (including their status, due date) are always at hand, speeding you up and helping you to focus on what counts.

Store applications, reports and acquittals in one place

PDFs of any documents submitted through a linked SmartyGrants account are now automatically added to your Funding Centre Dashboard and you can upload additional documents and attach them to your grant record.

View key dates and milestones in a grants calendar

View and edit grants in the Funding Centre Grants Calendar, using the filters to see information important to you. Export grants data to an external calendar through an iCal feed for when you're not logged into Funding Centre.

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Have questions?

We've prepared fresh FAQs about all the new features.

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We're also able to assist with any questions you may have directly. Please send your questions to and we'll respond as promptly as we can.