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What’s in the Federal Budget for your organisation?

In this special Funding Centre bulletin, we’ve trawled through the budget papers to discover grants news that could affect you, both good and bad.

Federal Budget

About the budget

Treasurer Scott Morrison pitched a pre-election budget last night at voters, with modest tax cuts and a plan to get the budget back in the black.

There’s a shakeup of research and development spending, help for small business and pensioners, a commitment to the NDIS, but no significant help for youth.

The centrepiece tax cuts are worth $530 for those earning up to $90,000 in a move that drew fire immediately from some community organisations, such as ACOSS, which were disappointed more wasn’t being done to help the disadvantaged.

The Community Council for Australia (CCA) also said the budget had failed to significantly boost health, aged care, education, housing and support for those in need.

CCA chief David Crosbie said it would have preferred a budget “that supported the marginalised rather than punished them, that prioritised community building and social infrastructure rather than placing so much emphasis on reducing taxes for business.”

Here's some of the new spending the government has been touting today.

Major cuts (2018-2022) include:

Where the money (and grants) are going



Health and Sport


Aged Care






Rural and Regional


Please note, this is what drew our attention in our reading of the budget papers, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on further announcements of grants opportunities as more is known, and will include them in your regular updates.

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