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Donation Dollar: How to get involved in this world-first generosity campaign

As part of our commitment to helping organisations survive the pandemic, Our Community hosted a live webinar alongside the Community Council for Australia (CCA) to give you the chance to learn how you can make the Donation Dollar - a special Australian $1 coin designed to raise millions for those in need work for you.

We know that the country's 600,0000 not-for-profits, charities and community groups are hurting as fundraising dries up, and that's why you should know about the world's most generous $1 coin.

Charity sector leader Tim Costello introduces Adam Ferrie from global communications firm Saatchi & Saatchi, the creative visionary behind the concept, and Mark Cartwright, General Manager, Marketing, Sales & Innovation at The Royal Australian Mint.

Here is your chance to spread the word and attract valuable donations too.

Watch the free webinar now to find out how you can benefit from this fundraising opportunity, featuring the experts behind the coin. (First shown Monday, September 7 and now on replay. Register to watch)